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Located 1 mile south of I-69 on Morrish Road


Swartz Creek Mini Storage offers our tenants security features such as:

1. Our facility was designed so that is over 95% of our units can be seen from the road allowing police and passers by a clear view of the facility. – This design discourages thief.

2. Very observant management. Constantly keeping an eye on the facility.

3. Our facility is FULLY surrounded by an 8 foot high chain link fence with an additional foot of barbed wire around the top.

4. We have signs located throughout the facility letting everyone know that we have  video surveillance cameras strategically located around the facility.

5. Key pad entry. This system interfaces with our computer allowing out customers access day and night. Also keeping unwanted people out of the facility.

6. Your lock and key. ONLY you have access to your unit.

7. We only sell security disk locks designed specifically for self storage. This type of lock makes it next to impossible to use bolt cutters to remove the lock.