Guide to Winter Vehicle Storage

Vehicles that do not get a lot of use just end up taking space on your property. If you are looking for affordable winter storage in Swartz Creek MI, come to Swartz Creek Mini Storage. In addition to drive-up storage units in a range of sizes, we also offer outdoor parking spaces. Clear space in your garage or backyard by storing your RVs, boats, or other vehicles with us. Our secure location on Morrish Road is conveniently close to I-69 for easy access from Flint MI. Call today to find storage, or rent online. Check out our tips below on necessary steps to take before storing your vehicle.

Protect Your Paint

Taking extra time before storage will benefit you in the long run. Clean off dirt and salt, and finish with a coat of wax. Protect your paint from scratches and rust, so no matter how you store your vehicle, you will come back to it shiny and clean.

Prevent Pests

In order to keep critters away from your vehicle, you cannot give them a reason to be sniffing around. Before storage, take out any trash that accumulated around your seats. Then you should vacuum the interior well to pick up any crumbs.

Add Fuel

Stop by the gas station on your way to Swartz Creek Mini Storage on Morrish Road. A full gas tank helps prevent moisture in the tank that can cause your vehicle to accelerate poorly. If you are going to store your vehicle for more than three months, add stabilizer to your gas tank also, and change your oil.

Winter Vehicle Storage in Swartz Creek MI

Need boat or RV storage? Swartz Creek Mini Storage is your top choice for winter vehicle storage in Swartz Creek MI. With our drive-up storage units and large outdoor parking, you have all the tools you need for secure storage. The parking spaces are big enough to hold your RV, boat, or other vehicle for winter storage or even longer-term storage. Start storing with Swartz Creek Mini Storage now!

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