how to pack storage unit
Tips to Efficiently Pack Your Storage Unit
February 15, 2024

New to self storage and unsure about the how to best pack your storage unit? Swartz Creek Mini Storage in Swartz Creek, MI, has all the tools to make sure you get the most of your storage unit. Our experts can help walk you through the storage process to find the right storage unit size […]

drive-up storage in Swartz Creek MI
The Modern-Day Storage Solution: Dive into Drive-Up Storage Units
September 18, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of storage solutions, drive-up storage units have emerged as a popular choice for many. Offering unparalleled ease of access, these units blend the best of traditional storage facilities with the convenience of modern-day needs. At Swartz Creek Mini Storage, located in the heart of Swartz Creek, MI, we pride ourselves on […]

RV storage in Swartz Creek MI
How to Prepare Your RV for Storage
September 6, 2023

An RV is more than just a vehicle; for many, it’s a home on wheels, filled with memories of adventurous road trips and serene getaways. Such a prized possession requires special attention when it’s time to stow it away, especially during off-seasons or extended breaks. Proper storage ensures your RV stays in optimal condition, ready […]

Movers Guide Swartz Creek MI
Get to Know the Swartz Creek, MI, Area
May 10, 2023

Are you moving to the Swartz Creek, MI, area? Not far from Flint, is convenient self storage ready to house your most prized possessions as you handle your move. Swartz Creek Mini Storage offers resources like this mover’s guide to help you explore your new community. We also have drive-up storage units of all sizes […]

Creating Space With Self Storage feature image
How to Create Space with Storage
March 1, 2023

Looking to create space around your home with limited storage space? If you’re looking to declutter your home and make room for the items that truly matter, Swartz Creek Mini Storage is here to help. With our effective organizational solutions combined with nearby self-storage units, we provide first-class storage options suitable for any project size. […]

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths
How to Rid Your Storage Space of Clothes Moths
February 22, 2023

What should I do if I find clothes moths in my storage unit? When individuals are cleaning their homes for spring cleaning, this is a common concern. Clothes moths are not a welcome surprise when you’re decluttering your belongings, but there are things you can do to correct the problem and avoid future harm. Keep […]

Self Storage Swartz Creek MI
Premium Self Storage Units in Swartz Creek, MI
January 17, 2023

Are you looking for affordable self storage units in the Flint, MI, area? Swartz Creek Mini Storage is just a short drive west of the city. Our team of experts can help set you up with exactly the storage you need, so you never have to overpay. Our drive-up storage units can accommodate residential and […]

Small Pantry Organization
5 Tips for Small Pantry Organization
September 23, 2022

Do you need help keeping your small pantry organized? Learn some of the best practices to maintain an organized pantry with Swartz Creek Mini Storage.   Tips for Small Pantry Organization  Cramped kitchens are the perfect environment for cultivating an unhealthy lifestyle. With too many items crowding your cupboards, it becomes difficult to find room in […]

How to Find Houses to Flip
How to Find Fixer Upper Houses to Flip
May 12, 2022

How can you find houses to flip that are worth your time and money? Swartz Creek Mini Storage in Swartz Creek, MI is here to help you accomplish your house flipping dreams! Follow our guide and learn how to get started with your search for the right fixer upper, discover the right neighborhood, and stay […]

Winter Vehicle Storage
Guide to Winter Vehicle Storage
December 15, 2020

Vehicles that do not get a lot of use just end up taking space on your property. If you are looking for affordable winter storage in Swartz Creek MI, come to Swartz Creek Mini Storage. In addition to drive-up storage units in a range of sizes, we also offer outdoor parking spaces. Clear space in […]