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Storage Calculator

Watch this quick video guide for a general idea of our storage unit sizes:


Do you know what size storage unit your current situation requires? This sizing guide from Swartz Creek Mini Storage can help. Self storage can be a confusing process for those who have never experienced it. Our experts can help walk you through from step one, so you never have to worry about paying for more than you need. Check out our storage unit size guide below, and then speak with a member of our staff to find your storage solution!

Our Storage Unit Size Guide

Storage Unit Size Guide

Small Storage Units

  • Swartz Creek Mini Storage’s storage units start at 5×10 feet. This is about the size of a small walk-in closet and is most convenient for clearing some extra space in your home. College students also find small storage units to be helpful as affordable, short-term storage options. This size range can usually hold a mattress or two, as well as a handful of large boxes. When storing in one of these, be sure to check the measurements of your items to assure they will fit securely. The biggest sizes in this range should have no issues fitting a majority of your belongings, but the smallest sizes do have some size restrictions. 

Medium Storage Units

  • When you rent a medium storage unit, however, there are very restrictions. Medium storage units are ideal for those moving from an apartment or condo. They can hold two to three rooms’ worth of items and boxes. Starting at about 100 square feet, this size range can hold a lot, even some vehicles. 

Large Storage Units

  • The biggest storage units offered at Swartz Creek Mini Storage can fit your entire house if need be. When moving to a new house, it is not uncommon to leave a majority of your boxes in storage until you are settled. Our experts can set you up with just the right amount of storage for you to access your items without too much or too little space. 

Our Storage Calculator

Our calculator can help you determine what size unit would be best for your needs. Using the form below, tell us what you need to store and our calculator will provide an estimate in cubic feet as well as the storage size you’ll need. We’ll calculate the size and recommend a unit based on the space needed.

Source: Self Storage Association