Tips to Efficiently Pack Your Storage Unit

New to self storage and unsure about the how to best pack your storage unit? Swartz Creek Mini Storage in Swartz Creek, MI, has all the tools to make sure you get the most of your storage unit. Our experts can help walk you through the storage process to find the right storage unit size and amenities for what you are looking to store. Once you find the right one, look through our helpful guide on how to pack your storage unit! You want to make the most of your space. Get started with us today!

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How to Pack Your Storage Unit

1. Think About the Layout of Your Items

When you go to pick up belongings from your storage unit later, you will want to be able to access items in all corners of the unit. Create an aisle in the center of your storage unit to leave space so you can walk to the back and get to all of your boxes. For efficiency’s sake, leave items toward the front by the roll-up door if you plan to swap them out frequently. If you plan on storing valuable items, we recommend placing them far back in your storage unit.

how to pack a storage unit - create an aisle layout

2. When Stacking Boxes, Put Heaviest on the Bottom and Lightest on the Top

You do not want to accidentally crush fragile items by stacking boxes in the wrong order. Shelves can help with additional organization. Use this same thought process for packing up your boxes. Put a few heavy on the bottoms with lighter items on top. Pay attention to the quality of the boxes you are using and the weight that accumulates as you are packing. Packing too heavy can cause the box to break or it could injure someone attempting to move it. 

3. Take the Time to Label

As you go to look for specific items later, you will be grateful for your labels. This way, you do not have to look all around your storage unit to find them and you can quickly filter through your boxes. Pack your boxes with similar objects for less confusion, and mark down the specifics on the side of the box. If you prefer to have one big list to reference, create a cheat sheet.

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